The wines

BRUT vom STEIL. Méthode Ancestrale, refreshing extra brut. Blanc de Noirs with subtle yeasty flavours and a slight opalescence. Fermentation of the natural grape sugar only, without any additives. A sparkling much appreciated by connoisseurs!

ROSA von P - a different kind of Rosé. Not usual but an individual and outstanding one. Intense taste but inspiring slight. Fruity but also dry. Showing depth in spite of its youth.

PHYLLIT is an elegant and light Pinot Noir combining typical Burgundian flavours and a slight fumy touch of red slate soil.


STEIL is an expressive Pinot Noir, powerful but elegant. As a unique individual it appears more or less distinctive fumy, with earthy flavours of red slate soil or dark berries - depending on vintage and block.

MICKE develops exotic dark berry flavours after a long-term maturation. A Pinot Noir of exceptionel character. The subtle tannic structure is barely perceptible.

PRESENT develops an unmistakable, high concentrated aroma of a classic Burgundian type after an extended maturation. Subtle tannic structure.


KOLOSS evolves a sensitive harmoniousness between richness and ultimate flavours of a velvety and spicy Pinot during its long-term maturation. A noble colossus (’Koloss') which surprises your senses.

KOLOSSAL, Vintage 2010. Extraordinary and rare to find in the world of wine: Trockenbeerenauslese of Pinot Noir Précoce.

FRAGIL presents a subtle sweet character embedded in a delight raisin-like finish without overwhelming the palate.


MARC vom Steil is a natural varietal  aromatic spirit without any flavour contribution. Only possible when destilling the best berry skins.


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