FRAGIL the solution for vintages where ”only“ something like 100° Oechsle are possible by nature. A Port style of ”Vintage”-character, meaning that the fruit is dominating the wine and not maturation flavours by oxidative ageing.


FRAGIL(E) is the wine and style you get when using Pinot for a fortified wine. The real Pinot strength is still to be always fragile in character.


FRAGIL presents a subtle sweet character embedded in a delight raisin-like finish without overwhelming the palate.


Pinot Noir Précoce, 100%.



10 years ...


The yield is equivalent to KOLOSS, approx. 20 hl/ha.


The vineyards is cultivated by certified organic farming supplemented by very high personal standards regarding the respect to nature and human.

The grapes of FRAGIL matured in the little steep KOLOSS-block, situated to south- west, located between Assmannshausen and Lorch.


The vinification is minimized by the use of natural biological processes and physical transformations.

Hand-picked and fermented on skins like usual the Pinot Noir Précoce is then stopped in fermentation by fine brandy in order to leave about 80 g/l natural residual sugar and have it stable at the lowest alcohol possible without any other treatment or filtration.

Natural residual sugar of 80 g/l, alc. 17,0%vol.

thetechnical details

bottle: antique green
bottle contents: 375 ml
closure: natural cork, tin capsule


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Jens Heinemeyer

+49 (6701) 20 24 183