The Core

The nucleus of origin of solveigs-PInots takes place 7 meters below ground, in a spacious and classical vault cellar typical for the Rhine valley. Here it is dark, Hier ist es dunkel, cool and naturally humid. A perfect home ... (for our wines).

100% Pinot Noir. 100% wooden casks. 100% nature. Uncompromising solveigs.


Since 1995, the vinification process is subject to the principles of a "lazy vinification" (also called "controlled inactivity" by a wine writer). After destemming the berries ferment in open vats on their skins and with their own yeast for about 14 days time. The fermentation is followed by a pressing procedure keeping the wines separated by the vineyard blocks. After being settled for a while with an ongoing fermentation in tanks, the wine matures in oak wook casks for about 18 months. Within this maturation and biological reaction period the wine is racked twice by remaining in casks. Two years after the harvest the bottling is done without any fining or filtration but with the result of a natural clarification process. The refinement continues with a maturation time on bottle to reach the market in the most natural condition without any make-up.

The entire production strategy respects the fruit raw material above all. Comparable to a fine restaurant it expresses the producer's ability to only use the natural resources for a fine dish without the need of little ’convenience helpers’.


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